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Enhancing the natural beauty of curls. All of them, because all Curls Matter


We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, natural, healthy curls. That’s why we’ve created a range of curly girl approved hair products that are specifically designed to support and enhance the natural bounce of curly hair.

Using all our knowledge and expertise to create the best products that can be mixed and matched for a perfect simple and effective routine.

Ready in one, two, three: Cleanse, Care and Style

Our products are curly girl approved and made with natural ingredients. Curls Matter is inspired by traditional hair care ingredients which have been passed on through many generations, such as shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil.

Enhance your natural, healthy and beautiful curls with CurlsMatter.

For all curls: a simple routine with natural products to enhance all your natural, curly hair.

Curly Girl Approved

All of our products are curly girl approved and made with care and love, using authentic ingredients to help create the best natural curls.

A simple & effective hair care routine. Cleanse, Care, Style and ready to go!

For everyday when your curls and waves need an extra boost of love.

Check out our product range

A fan of luscious curls and waves? Meet your new BFF: The Curl Crush Shampoo. It works overtime to hydrate, maintain structure and provide volume to your hair. Helps to deeply but gently cleanse without stripping or drying your hair. Made with a blend of olive oil, plum seed oil and fermented radish root to keep your hair silky soft and super bouncy. Say hello to beautiful curls and waves.

Tame those curly and wavy manes! The Dream Team Curl Cream is a styling cream, perfect for everyday use. Helps to give hungry curls and waves hydration without weighing it down. Tames flyaways and frizz and brings back definition in your hair. Packed with shea butter and argan oil to leave your curls gloriously shiny and nourished.
Here to change the curl game! The Boost That Hair Mousse is a lightweight mousse that creates effortless bouncy and voluminous hair without the dreaded crunch. Made with an infusion of argan oil and aloe vera juice, to nourish and soften your curls and waves. Leaving nothing but a longlasting hold for good hair days only.
For curls and waves that always look their best! The Refresh Those Curls Spray is a life saver to revive your hair. Helps to boost, restore and redefine your curl and waves pattern, throughout the day. Enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera extract. Your hair is left soft, fresh and nourished. Bounce back that beautiful hair!
Give those thirsty curls and waves a new lease on life! The Moisturising Milk Mist is a leave-in conditioning mist, designed to quench your hair’s thirst for hydration. Maintains definition in your hair and nourishes the hair ends. Enriched with a blend of shea buttter and coconut oil to give longlasting moisture at all times. For springy and full of life curls, whenever you need it.
For those days when your curls and waves need an extra boost of care, we present the Frizz-Free Hair Mask! Created to help prevent frizz and nourishes your hair. Packed with a blend of shea butter and vegetable proteins, to soften and smooth the hair. Helps to keep your hair living its best life.
The best secret for your wavy and curly hair! The Better Together Co-Wash is the ideal match to give your hair a gentle cleanse, without stripping it of its natural oils. Helps remove unwanted product buildup and excess oils from your hair and scalp. Infused with argan oil and vegetable proteins, to keep your hair looking fresh and nourished in between washes.

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